KWAOR Charlestown Broker Caravan


Unless otherwise stated, the Charlestown tour is held on the
Second Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am, next tour is August 8, 2018.

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Agents will meet at Charlestown Chamber of Commerce.  
The Caravan will leave promptly at 10:00 am.

Important Points                     Rules of The Road

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  • You must submit property by Friday at 5:00 pm to be on Wednesday's tour.

  • Inclusion based on requests received & geographic grouping.

  • Minimum 4 per tour - Maximum 8 per tour.

    • Maximum 1 listing per agent (coordinator may have 2)

    • Bring MLS print-outs for distribution.

    • Must stay for whole tour.

    • Coordinator will be responsible for tour schedule.

    • Submit Early To Be Included

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"Rules of The Road"

Lunch MAY be provided at last house, but must be pre-approved by coordinator.

?Properties to be included must be either less than 30 days on the market AND have not been previously included in a broker Caravan Tour.  Should we not have the sufficient number of properties for tour, the tour coordinator can make an exception based on a first come first served system.

Important Points

Last minute cancellations for properties other than those that have gone pending are not eligible for the next tour.

All licensed real estate agents are welcome to join the caravan tour of properties.

Every listing agent of every caravan property must visit all properties on that days caravan: failure to observe this requirement will ensure future disqualification from the tours.

Listing agent to provide MLS sheets on their listing for the caravan.

Let's all work together to keep the tour moving along as quickly and efficiently as possble.

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